February 2, 2017

Writer Claims Fox Stole "Touch" From Him

Everette Hallford, an aspiring writer, claims in court that Fox Entertainment stole the basis of its new supernatural TV series “Touch” from his novel and screenplay “about an autistic child who served as the author’s inspiration”.

In addition to Fox Entertainment Group, Mr. Hallford sued screenwriter Richard “Tim” Kring; actor-executive producer Keifer Sutherland; Tailwind Productions; and Peter Chernin and Chernin Entertainment, in Federal Court.

My Hallford spent every day from May 2009 until July 2009 at Schneider’s Children’s Hospital. After the passing of his 8-month-old granddaughter, the complaint states, “ In the course of his time there, he had developed a relationship with the bioethics representative of the hospital, Robert C. Cassidy Jr., who told him he was close friends with the creator of “Heroes”, Tim Kring. Mr. Hallford and Mr. Cassidy Jr. exchanged email addresses and Mr. Hallford gave Mr. Cassidy Jr. an autographed copy of his novel, 'Visionary.’

Mr. Hallford also told Mr. Cassidy Jr. that he wrote a screenplay and even provided him with a written copy of the website addresses where 'Prodigy' could be found on the Internet so that Mr. Cassidy could give it to Mr. Kring in the hopes that Mr. Kring

Although Hallford does not confirm whether Kring ever received his work, he claims, “it cannot reasonably be argued” that the television producer came up with the idea for himself.

Hallford is represented by Joseph Nohavicka with Mavromihalis Pardalis & Nohavicka of Astoria. N.Y. He seeks an injunction and statutory damages for copyright infringement.

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