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The lawyers at Pardalis & Nohavicka combine decades of experience representing and advising national as well as global media companies and individuals in the entertainment, sports, and media industries.
Entertainment law requires in-depth knowledge across legal fields such as privacy law, business law, contract law, licensing, trademark registration, copyright, and more. Our team of entertainment attorneys excel in advising and servicing clients from a wide array of entertainment based industries including: fashion, sports, music, TV, radio, and film.
Our clients receive intimate counseling from our lawyers throughout their entire legal case process

We specialize in:


Whether it be an agreement for a film, sports event, theatre production, etc, a contract must be signed by all parties involved to ensure a smooth process. Our attorneys are currently working on various contract negotiations and agreement drafting for NBA players, film directors, musicians, and new media companies.


Our attorneys specialize in several aspects of the music industry, including copyright, contracts, and licensing.

Film & Television

Our attorneys specialize in several aspects of the film and television industry, including rights acquisitions, contracts, and distribution rights.


Our attorneys specialize in several aspects of the publishing industry, including publicity rights, contracts, and licensing.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to a work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a trademark, copyright, patent etc. Types of intellectual property protection:

  • Trademarks protect the names and/or logos under which companies market their goods/services to consumers.
  • Copyright protects original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works.
  • Patents protect inventions that are useful, novel, and non-obvious.

For example, if you invented a new kind of mobile device, you would potentially need a patent to protect the invention, trademark to protect the brand name and logo under which the device is sold, and a copyright for your website, if it includes original copyrightable content.

Other areas of specialty include:

  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark litigation,

If you want to use a patented, trademarked, or copyrighted piece of work, an intellectual property lawyer can help you sort out a license agreement with the owner for its use. A license is an agreement between the owner of the work and anyone who wants to use it for commercial use.

The license is granted in exchange for a fee, along with clearly written terms regarding its use. Licenses are beneficial for all parties involved — not just the licensees. Licensors can generate a lot of revenue if their piece of work is especially popular.


A trademark is a word/symbol/design that can distinguish a source of goods or services and typically protects: words, phrases, slogans, logos, and symbols. Trademarks protect logos, words, etc used in commerce, but a trademark application can also be filed even if it is not actually used in commerce yet. It can serve as a source identifier connecting a particular good/service to its owner, which would easily build their brand and increase consumer recognition and trust.

In a very competitive market, a registered U.S. trademark provides a bundle of rights, including:

  • The right to exclusively use the trademark in connection with specific goods or services.
  • The right to grant licenses for use of the trademark to third parties.
  • The right to enjoin unauthorized use of the trademark.
  • The right to sue for trademark infringement.

Our attorneys specialize in several aspects of the fashion industry, including intellectual property, contracts, business plan creation, e-commerce relations, and national as well as international distribution rights.

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