October 8, 2020

"White House Should Name Hispanic Nominee to U.S. Court" | New York Times 1991

"White House Should Name Hispanic Nominee to U.S. Court" | New York Times 1991

Throwback: Here’s a letter that Joseph D. Nohavicka published in The New York Times back in 1991, calling upon the White House to name a Hispanic nominee to the Supreme Court.

The only Hispanic candidate for a Federal judgeship in New York, Justice John Carro of the New York State Supreme Court, withdrew from consideration Jan. 25. He had been recommended for the position three years ago, yet the White House failed to act, even though there are no Hispanic Federal judges in this state.

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan has addressed this problem and has recommended three able candidates for the position (news article, March 2), including Sonia Sotomayor, a Yale Law School graduate who was assistant District Attorney in Manhattan for five years. Ms. Sotomayor is Puerto Rican.

Senator Moynihan has fulfilled his obligation to the Hispanic community in New York; now it is time for Washington to fulfill its obligation: it must act now and not allow this important appointment to fade and fester into obscurity.

Taking into consideration the large Hispanic population of New York, it is only fair that at least one Hispanic judge should occupy a seat on the United States bench. The Bush Administration should fulfill its obligation to a patient, needful and loyal constituency.

JOSEPH NOHAVICKA Bronx, March 3, 1991

The writer is a student at Cardozo School of Law.

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