August 9, 2022

The Non Fungible Times set to release first ever NFT Newspaper Collection | Team News

The Non Fungible Times set to release first ever NFT Newspaper Collection

PN Law Clerk Dimitrios Mano is changing the game when it comes to newsworthy events as the Chief Compliance Officer for the NFTimes Club. Read on to discover what the Non Fungible Times is doing to bridge the gap between events in the past, present, and future and cryptocurrency.

New York, New York: August 3, 2022

The Non Fungible Times is excited to announce their first NFT drop set to take place on August 19, 2022. 

The Non Fungible Times, also known as NFTimes Club, is the first ever NFT newspaper. Their newspapers feature 3000+ of the most historical events. Their project is centered around history, community, and creating a timeline of events on-chain. Each Non Fungible Times newspaper lives on the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFTs are made up of unique traits such as the event type and the newspaper material that represents the time the event took place. 

“I saw that NFTs were really growing into a popular way for people to express themselves digitally and I felt that people have a powerful connection with specific moments in time,” said Chris Mello, co-founder of The Non Fungible Times. “A unique part of NFTs is that they can have whatever utility the community wants, therefore we wanted to create the time capsule of the internet represented by a collective of digital assets.” 

Each Non Fungible Times holder will be added to a community with exclusive benefits including and not limited to: 

  • Exclusive access to events hosted in historically significant locations 
  • Ability to submit newspaper events of their choice and update the project’s timeline
  • Receive future discounts for current event newspapers 
  • Exclusive access to clothing and merchandise  

Each newspaper describes a unique moment in time in categories such as sports, global conflict, entertainment, tech, crypto, business, inventions, and more.

Bryan Brunell who is one of the co-founders of The Non Fungible Times, said: “Seeing this project that once was just an idea created in our minds come together is such an amazing feeling. Our team is so passionate and works so hard every day, I can’t wait to open this project up to the world.”

To gain early access to this launch, the NFTimes whitelist consists of 1000 spots. These 1000 individuals will gain access to The Non Fungible Times on August 18, 2022, a day earlier than the general public. Find out how you can secure a whitelist spot by checking out The Non Fungible Times discord featured in their social media bios and at the bottom of their website.

The Non Fungible Times can be purchased using the Ethereum though non custodial digital wallet of their choice. The NFTimes Club will be accepting payments from Metamask.

Learn more at www.thenftimesclub.com or on Twitter and Instagram @nftimesclub.

What’s an NFT? NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. The words "Non Fungible" mean that it's unique, it can't be replicated or replaced. So NFT's are unique assets. NFT's are on a blockchain. A blockchain shows who is holding the piece and who it's been traded to. NFT’s are bought using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin, etc. 

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