March 5, 2021

How To Get Dual Citizenship In Greece

Here's everything you need to know about applying for dual citizenship in Greece.

Here are the requirements for eligibility AND what you need for the registration process.

Finding Out If You’re Eligible 

Greek citizenship is acquired if:

  • A person is born to a parent of Greek Nationality, even if the parent has not exercised his/her Right to Citizenship.
  • A person is registered in the Records of a Municipality of the Hellenic Republic. Registration is the legal premise for citizenship.

How To Get A Certificate of Registration 

  • In order to obtain the Certificate of Registration, Greek citizens permanently residing in the USA may apply through the local Greek Consular Authorities. 
  • They then submit the application to the (Municipal) Greek Authorities, who issue the Certificate of Registration. 

An individual’s registration in the records of a Greek Municipality constitutes the recognition of their Right to Citizenship by the Greek State, and, therefore, the Greek Passport.

Basis For Registration 

  • Registration of Birth: requires that the birth took place in one of the States of Jurisdiction of the Consulate General or Consulate.
  • Registration of Marriage: requires the applicants to be married in one of the States of the Consulate General's or Consulate's jurisdiction.

How The Whole Process Works

  1. Give us a call so we can chat about your situation and determine what you need. We’ll give you an application and help you fill it out along the way. 
  2. Once your application is filled out, we hand it over to the consulate. They’ll inform us of the documents you might need and we can help you obtain them. Gathering the proper documents is a crucial step, and we can assist with translations and speed up the processing. 
  3. Once the documents are off for processing, we have attorneys in Greece that can help expedite the registration process ensuring a smooth and quick turnaround. 

Obtaining dual citizenship can be a complicated and frustrating process unless you have the right people on your side. At PN, we have a team dedicated to ensuring a smooth path to obtaining your dual citizenship. We have a partnership with the Greek Consulate, as well as strong relationships with attorneys in Greece, which provides us with full access to the key players involved in the process. For us, communication is key, and we aim to keep you updated and informed of every step. 

For inquiries, kindly contact us at:
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