August 27, 2020

Can You Trademark A Catchphrase? Kris Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Disney Have.

Can You Trademark A Catchphrase? Kris Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Disney Have.

Kris Jenner just filed a trademark to cash in on her coined phrase “you’re doing amazing sweetie.” But, Jenner isn’t the first celebrity to try trademarking a catchphrase.

Can You Trademark A Catchphrase?

In an era when personal brand is everything, celebrities and businesses are rushing to register a trademark for their famous catchphrases. 

In essence, yes, a catchphrase can be trademarked, but only for the protection of its use in connection with a particular product or services.

A trademark for a catchphrase allows celebrities to protect their persona and work in the marketplace, granting the exclusive ability to profit from their catchphrase through the sale of products or services.

Here Are Some Examples

Kris Jenner just recently filed to trademark her coined phrase on various products such as clothing, home decor, journals, and cosmetics.

Taylor Swift applied to trademark several distinctive words and phrases that come up in her music, including the titles "1989" and "Blank Space."

Paris Hilton trademarked her reality TV show signature phrase, just before getting into a lengthy lawsuit with Hallmark for using her phrase on their cards.

Just before the release of "The Lion King," Disney acquired a trademark on this phrase for their merchandise. This move sparked some outrage as the phrase is originally a well-known Swahili phrase meaning "no worries." 

How To Get Started With Registering A Trademark

  • Conduct a trademark search for your catchphrase.
  • Identify how you will use your catchphrase in commerce.
  • File and submit your trademark application.
  • Protect and police your mark.

We offer three trademark packages depending on your business needs.

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