June 18, 2020

Richard Gabriel's "Acquittal" | Legal Reads

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Soultana Tosko's Pick:

Have you ever wondered what strategies defense attorneys use to amplify the chances their clients are acquitted? Well if you have, look no further than to our next legal read recommendation: Acquittal by Richard Gabriel. 

Gabriel gives readers a behind the scenes look into high-profile cases that captivated not only the American public, but the world. His work alongside the defense teams of Orenthal James Simpson, Phil Spector, and Casey Anthony (just to name a few), provides fascinating insight into the inner workings of heavily publicized legal proceedings.

This book also serves as a reminder that the American Criminal Justice system is not without its flaws. The Due Process Clauses of the Constitution establish the presumption that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. As the author points out however, it is popular for juries to believe that for an individual to have ended up in a courtroom with claims against them, they must have done something wrong. Unfortunately, this ever so common outlook shifts the presumption under which defendants are perceived to guilty until proven innocent.

With this in mind, Acquittal unfolds strategies used by defense teams to best give their clients equitable trials. For example, focus group creation is a method which aims to get a gauge of the public’s sentiments towards a specific topic or individual. This approach along with numerous others discussed in the text, helped shape the powerful defense arguments that glued the public to their television screens for months at a time. And just as viewers could not get enough of watching these cases, we have a sneaking suspicion that readers will respond identically and not be able to put this book down.

Guest Contributor: Soultana Toskos

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