June 29, 2020

Reggae Star Nardo Ranks Sues HoodCelebrityy for Copyright Infringement | Featured in New York Post

Life’s a Bleach and then you sue.

Reggae star Nardo Ranks is beefing with Jamaican dancehall artist HoodCelebrityy over allegedly stolen lyrics.

HoodCelebrityy // NY Post

HoodCelebrityy, whose real name is Tina Pinnock, 28, of The Bronx, “pirated and extracted significant phrasing” from Ranks’ 1992 hit “Them A Bleach” and inserted them into her “Run Di Road,” the Manhattan federal court complaint alleges.

Ranks, whose real name is Gary Henderson and lives in Queens, alleges copyright infringement and seeks at least $500,000 in damages.

“We acknowledge that imitation is the highest form of flattery but HoodCelebrityy imitated Nardo and calls it her own — that is breaking the law,” snarked Ranks’ attorney Taso Pardalis.

The suit names Pinnock and KSR Group, the record label that released the song on March 20, as defendants. Neither Pinnock nor KSR could be reached for comment.

In October, Page Six reported that HoodCelebrityy was ending her beef with superstar Cardi B.

The Bronx pair were once “besties,” but fell out, according to HoodCelebrityy, because Cardi B resented her for signing a deal with the rapper’s then-manager, Shaft.

HoodCelebrityy got her big break in 2015 when Cardi B posted about her song, “Wine Pon It.”

NY Post

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