June 2, 2023

Pardalis and Nohavicka Support MassAppeal at Fotografiska Museum's Hip-Hop 50 Conscious Unconscious Event

Pardalis and Nohavicka Support MassAppeal at Fotografiska Museum's Hip-Hop 50 Conscious Unconscious Event

PN Lawyers recently participated in a groundbreaking event, titled "Hip-Hop Conscious Unconscious" at the Fotografiska Museum in New York City.  The event hosted by MassAppeal and hip-hop collective Hip-Hop 50 brought together industry professionals, artists and enthusiasts to celebrate the cultural impact of hip-hop and explore its significance in society today.

Hip-hop 50: Celebrating a Half Century of Influence

As we enter the sixth decade since its inception hip-hop remains a powerful force in the music industry and beyond. Mass Appeal, a renowned media company, founded by hip-hop legend Nas, and LiveNation Urban recently announced their partnership in a momentous initiative called Hip-Hop50. This collaboration aims to commemorate the genres, enduring impact and cultural relevance by organizing various events, exhibitions and concerts that pay homage to the genres, rich history and cultural significance. Hip-hop 50 serves as a platform to honor the pioneers and innovators as well as the cultures rich history.

The Event: “Conscious Unconscious” at Fotografiska Museum

Against the backdrop, the Conscious Unconscious event at Fotografiska Museum served as a captivating intersection of art music and social commentary. The event explored the exhibition Hip-Hop: New York, which captured the essence of the genre's birthplace and showcased iconic photographs, artwork and memorabilia. Through striking visuals and immersive experience is the exhibition delved into the transformative power of hip-hop and its deep-rooted connection to culture, politics and society.

Highlighting the Role of Hip-Hop in Society

The Conscious Unconscious event provided a platform for artists and industry professionals to discuss the broader impact of hip-hop on society and emphasize the genre's ability to challenge social norms and inspire change. By examining the evolution of hip-hop’s narratives, attendees explored its journey from underground subculture to a global phenomenon, promoting inclusivity and empowering voices.

The Conscious Unconscious event, hosted by Mass Appeal and hip-hop collective Hip-Hop 50 at the Fotografiska Museum in New York City exemplified the cultural significance of hip-hop and its far reaching impact..  The event highlighted the genre's ability to transcend boundaries, champion  social change, and foster creative expression.  Our firm's commitment to protecting the rights of artists and industry professionals in the ever evolving landscape of hip-hop and art makes us proud to play a role in the ongoing HipHop50 events in NYC throughout 2023.

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