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How Hotels Are Keeping Up With COVID-19 | Featured on PropertyShark

How Hotels Are Keeping Up With COVID-19 COVID-19 continues to leave the hospitality industry stranded; and hotels, in particular, have felt the impact dramatically. In fact, many hotels in New York City are closing down permanently. However, those that did survive the months-long lockdown began opening their doors again in early June. But now, hotel […]

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New York State Passes Housing Discrimination Bill, Giving Authority to Revoke Brokers’ Licenses | Featured on PropertyShark

Brokers beware. At the beginning of August, New York State passed a bill that gives the Department of State the power to revoke a real estate agent or broker’s license should they be found to have engaged in housing discrimination. The bill, which was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on August 3, aims to help […]

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An Inside Look at Commercial Leasing Trends & Legal Analysis | Featured on PropertyShark

The commercial real estate industry is facing uncertain times ahead in a post-COVID world, and industry professionals are wondering what’s next and how they can prepare for a new normal. To find out, Nataly Goldstein, the leading real estate attorney at PN, spoke with Yaron Cohen, founder of commercial leasing agency Leviathan Leasing, to discuss current […]

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Rent Freeze & Regulations in NYC | Featured in PropertyShark

The real estate industry has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. And, as New York City slowly begins reopening in phases, landlords and tenants alike are entering an uncertain time. With eviction moratoriums still in place until August and late-payment fees banned, officials have been working to ease renters’ worries, while landlords continue to […]

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How COVID-19 Is Affecting Commercial Landlords & Tenants | Featured on PropertyShark

The pandemic has upended the lives of business owners, retailers and landlords alike. However, the latest decisions from officials have given commercial landlords the short end of the stick — and may be cause for legal concerns. Evictions Halted New York state has halted all residential and commercial evictions until August 20. Gov. Cuomo also […]

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1031 Exchanges Under COVID-19 | Featured on PropertyShark

COVID-19 continues to upend professional and personal lives, and the real estate industry has received one of the harshest economic hits. As a result, industry professionals have had to make adjustments in order to complete complex processes like 1031 exchanges. What Is a 1031 Exchange? In short, a 1031 exchange — also known as a […]

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Buying a Home in NYC During Lockdown: Virtual Closings & Escrow Closings | Featured on PropertyShark

Despite a strange and difficult time for New Yorkers amidst social distancing and stay-at-home orders, all industries are looking to technology to keep businesses moving. As a result, real estate and legal industry professionals have begun utilizing more virtual closings and escrow closings. How Do Escrow Closings Work? In the commercial world and outside of […]

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Why You Should Transfer Your Property to an LLC | Featured on PropertyShark

Many people purchase real estate under an individual’s name, but this can result in personal liability being extended to the property in the event that the property is subject to liens and/or judgments. Instead, avoid personal liability by placing your property into an LLC. This alternative is a great way to protect your assets, avoid […]

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Subletting vs. Assigning for Commercial Tenants: Which to Choose When You Want to Get Out of Your Lease | Featured on PropertyShark

Tenants of commercial or residential spaces who find that their lease no longer suits their needs have the option to sublease or assign the premises. Although these options are similar in function, the conditions differ for each. Often, lease agreements between tenants and landlords include a section on subletting or assigning terms. That’s because tenants […]

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New York Broker Fees: Legal or Banned? | Featured on PropertyShark

February will certainly be memorable for New York State brokers. At the beginning of the month, the New York Department of State issued guidance on rent reform laws, effectively banning broker fees for renters.  Specifically, this would mean that New York renters would no longer have to spend thousands of dollars up front to cover […]

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