March 3, 2023

Obtaining Greek Dual Citizenship in 2023 - Everything You Need to Know

Obtaining Greek Dual Citizenship in 2023 - Everything You Need to Know

PN Lawyers is proud to collaborate with The National Herald for a series of articles outlining pertinent legal issues that are of utmost importance to our Greek-American community. This week, we are kicking off the series with an article regarding the ways in which Greeks of the diaspora can obtain Greek citizenship.

Greece is world renowned for its rich cultural heritage, sandy beaches, ancient historical sites, postcard worthy islands, and delectable cuisine.   It’s no wonder that Greece has captured the hearts of people globally, ranking among the top 10 travel destinations and one of the most sought-after locations for relocation within the Schengen zone. 

The quality of life is high and the cost of living is low relative to the United States, and so this has many digital nomads running to start new beginnings in Greece.  Greek Americans have an advantage here, for if they wish to relocate to Greece, the process of doing so is much easier compared to those with no Greek descent.  Funny enough, the percentage of Greek Americans taking advantage of this birthright perk is not as high as you think and the reasoning behind this is that the process of obtaining Greek Dual citizenship is arduous and long.  

This is very false.  Obtaining Greek dual citizenship in 2023 is easier than ever and we are here to tell you everything you need to know.

Reasons to Apply for Greek Dual Citizenship:

  • Reclaim your roots and establish a connection with your ancestral homeland
  • Secure your future in Greece, whether through work, marriage, or investment.
  • Affordable living costs
  • Access to the Schengen zone: Greece is a member of the Schengen zone, allowing residents to travel freely throughout much of Europe without additional visas or permits
  • Ability to vote in national elections, run for political office, and receive certain benefits from the government, including healthcare and education
  • After you acquire a Greek ID, you will have the same rights as other European Union citizens.

Paths to Acquire Greek Dual Citizenship:

It’s important to note that the requirements for acquiring Greek citizenship may vary depending on individual circumstances. It’s important to consulate with legal professionals for more information. 

We work directly with the Greek Consulates throughout the United States to assist you in obtaining your Greek Dual Citizenship in the fastest and most efficient way possible. 

Original Article Published on The National Herald

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Athanasia (Stacy) Pavlou

Athanasia (Stacy) Pavlou

COO & Director of Hellenic Affairs

Athanasia (Stacy) Pavlou is the COO and Director of Hellenic Affairs at PN Lawyers, supporting the team of attorneys and maintaining smooth operations. Stacy also spearheads the Hellenic Affairs division at the firm, assisting clients with international legal matters from dual citizenship to POAs. 

Stacy received her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from Queens College, as well as her M.A. in Health Education from Purdue University.

Taso Pardalis

Taso Pardalis


Taso Pardalis is a founding partner of the Law Offices of Pardalis & Nohavicka, a leading full-service NYC law firm with offices in Manhattan, Queens, and WeWork. Taso may be a well-known attorney with many cases making headlines in major media outlets. Still, he is a true entrepreneur who believes in supporting the small business community. His areas of concentration are Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Corporate, Business Law, and Real Estate Law.

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