June 29, 2016

Big week with two victories for PN associate, Yesy Sanchez, Esq.

PN client awarded $350,000.00 against hate campaign for publishing defamatory statements on Facebook and other forums.


tweeting-contentYesy represented plaintiffs and received a verdict on their behalf for $350,000.00 after defendant published  defamatory statements alleging that plaintiffs were willfully transmitting a sexually communicable disease.

Defendant posted plaintiffs’ pictures and full names into Facebook and several online forums and made additional derogatory remarks about plaintiffs’ character and professional capacity.  Defendant’s campaign of harassment  also included email blasting plaintiffs’ family, friends and co-workers with similar content.

After reviewing the posts and the evidence, the court determined that defendants statements caused substantial harm and a judgment was awarded


Building manager sued for false arrest:  Case Dismissed

Parking spot infraction
The owner of a New York City Co-op sued his management company (represented by our firm) and the New york City Police Department (NYPD) alleging false arrest, abuse of process and malicious prosecution.

The plaintiff rented a parking space for a monthly fee but refused to pay.  Our client  placed an immobilizer (boot) on plaintiff's vehicle as a result. Plaintiff destroyed and removed the boot and as a result was arrested by the NYPD.

Plaintiff then commenced an action against our client and the NYPD for false arrest, abuse of process and malicious prosecution.  Yesy, moved for summary judgment on behalf of the building manager and the court agreed ending and dismissing plaintiffs case against all parties as a result.

Yesy Sanchez

Yesy Sanchez - Associate at Pardalis & Nohavicka

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