November 17, 2016

Ariadne Panagopoulou, Successfully Defends Restaurant in United States National Labor Relations Board Proceeding

Ariadne Panagopoulou, Chair of PN’s Labor and Employment Department, Successfully Defends Restaurant in United States National Labor Relations Board Proceeding


After being fired for aggressive behavior towards co-workers, managers, and customers, a waitress who was paid $40 per hour filed a claim with the NLRB against her employer claiming that they  discriminated against her for taking part in union or collective activities (NLRA Section 8(a)(3)). The law forbids employers from interfering or discouraging workers from discussing their rights. It is considered an unfair labor practice that could result in debilitating fines.

The fired worker claimed that she raised the issue of improper pay at a meeting and that she was fired for that reason alone. The local restaurant came to Ari who investigated their human resources protocols, reviewed e-mails, and interviewed employees. The employee's co-workers all agreed that the employee was violent and constantly disrespected the people who had to work with her.

At the NLRB, Ariadne convinced the investigators that the worker was terminated for non-discriminatory reasons by producing incriminating emails sent by the worker to other employees and by gathering statements the NLRB charge was ordered DISMISSED. The business owner was very pleased to be able to continue running their operation in peace along with the satisfaction of having defended successfully the false charges brought by an ungrateful and menacing worker who tried to use federal unfair labor practices laws for her own selfish purpose.

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