March 16, 2017

Ariadne Panagopoulou, Chair Of PN's Intellectual Property And Labor Department, Passes Solicitor's Exam Expanding Firm's International Practice Reach To The UK

Chair Of PN's Intellectual Property And Labor Department, Passes Solicitor's Exam Expanding Firm's Practice Reach To United Kingdom 

After completing Harvard Law School’s LLM Program, Ari successfully sat for the NY Bar Exam and jumped right into Federal Court trial practice. Upon securing a Chair position here at P&N, Ari then sat for the Solicitor’s examination in London in order to expand the firm’s international practice jurisdiction. Ari is now authorized to represent clients in disputes and represent them in Court overseas.

Solicitors in the UK advise clients on necessary courses of legal action depending on their areas of legal expertise. Solicitors deal with all the paperwork and communication involved with their clients cases, such as drafting contracts tailored to their client’s needs and preparing papers for Court. Solicitors will also negotiate with opposing parties to secure clients’ objectives, gather evidence, supervise the implementation of agreements, calculate claims for damages, compensation, loss of earnings, etc., and co-ordinate the work of all parties involved in the case.

Their work ranges across the whole spectrum of legal work in the areas of intellectual property, maritime, commercial, employment, and criminal law.

Ari will be working mostly out of PN’s USA office but will be required to cross the pond to handle legal matters in the UK out of our WeWork office in Paddington Square, London. Ari recently worked out of our Paddington location to assist a client in London with an issue the firm was handling for them in the U.S. WeWork has allowed the P&N firm to secure strategic physical presence in London, Paris, and California with operations centralized in New York City, USA.

We are very proud of Ari and we are excited about our firm’s expansion into the United Kingdom.

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